Becoming a member of Samfunnet comes with many perks, and best of all; it is free for all international students! As a member of Samfunnet you get several benefits:

  • Free entrance or membership discount at all events.

  • The membership also applies to the Student Society of Trondheim and NMBU Veterinary College.

  • You’ll get the opportunity to engage yourself in various committees within Samfunnet, whether you wish to work in bar, order protection, light and sound etc. Samfunnet is driven by dedicated students and it’s a great opportunity to create new acquaintances.

  • The right to vote at General Assembly, which is held once per semester. Candidates are elected for board members and important decisions for Samfunnet are made.

  • Last but not least, you will be participating in one of the country’s best student societies!

Any questions considering the membership? Don’t hesitate to ask! Send an e-mail to, send us a message on Facebook or visit our office during office hours (Mondays 15-17 or Wednesdays 12-14).


Community Service

As an international member of Samfunnet you have to participate in one or two community services per semester. This means you will work at one of Samfunnet’s events in good spirit and  become an active part of the house’s operations for this evening. The events at Samfunnet would not take place without the help and effort from our members. At community service you will be working for others that are out enjoying Samfunnet, while they will be working the next time you are out partying at Samfunnet.

A typical community service normally looks like this:

19:30: You meet in the bodega where you will be served dinner. Here you will also be given information about the events this evening and tasks will be handed out.

20:30: You will be followed to your working station for the evening, and necessary instructions will be given.

21:00: The doors open and the guests arrive. During the community service you are served fruits and coffee. At any time you will have experienced people to ask if you have any questions.

01:30/02:30: The guests leave the house and you help in cleaning up. At the end you are served pizza before you go home. Hopefully with some new friends and a good feeling of contributing to the common good.

You can self choose what tasks you want to do on community service. This can be entrance service, wardrobe service, stage security, bar or making sure the other people working this evening are supplied with coffee and fruits.


Register for community service

You have the opportunity to choose which dates you want to do community service during the semester. You choose which date(s) you want to work by logging on to For login the first time: the username is the email address you entered when registering as member. Press "forgot password" to receive activation code for login. To get the activation code faster, select SMS. Then you'll press “activities” in the menu and then calendar. There you will find an overview of the various events over the semester, and by pressing the name of an event you have signed up for community service that day. First-to-peer applies. If it is not possible to press an event, it may be full and you can choose another day.

We must close the registration for the various events about 4-5 weeks in advance. In some cases we may have to call in people if not enough people have signed up for service. Notice will be sent by mail from and must be confirmed. Confirmation is made under "My Site" and "My Jobs" in Linticket,

If you can’t meet, notify in good time so that we can find a replacement for you. Any allergies or annotations, as well as change of community service, is done under "My Site" and "My Messages" in Linticket. Registration of food allergies must be done on Sundays before current community service in Linticket or by mail to

If you have any questions considering community service at Samfunnet or anything else, don’t hesitate to contact us at or drop by our office during office hours (Mondays 15-17 or Wednesdays 12-14).

Thank you for choosing to take part in what characterizes the student life at Ås; voluntary work!