On this page you can find the contact information to the current board members of the various committees. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions. These are nice people who would love to talk to you!
— Samfunnet i Ås

Committee list

The “Committee list” is a list with approximately 250 names that have free entrance at almost all events at Samfunnet, with exception of the largest parties. These people

also receive kr. 150 that is submitted to a joint pot within their committee, which is spent on social events for the committee members. Committee members are also on the guest list for the legendary Intern party, where prices are cut, singsong booms and dark corners are filled with love.


HOW DO I GET ON THE Committee list?

The people on the Committee list are involved in one of Samfunnet’s many committees and work about 30 hours per semester. This corresponds to approximately four evening events. Without these hours of voluntary determination Samfunnet would not function, and life as student in Ås would be very different. No concerts, no Bodega, no culture… Thank you, Thorvald and Tora, for diligent students!


WHAT IS THE Leaders list?

Only the “bosses” of Samfunnet are allowed on this list. People on the leaders list get free entrance at ALL events at Samfunnet in Ås, as well as getting access to the less-known rooms of the building. When it rumbles in the depths of Samfunnet long after closing hours, it is likely one of these people who are taking a long-awaited break. The majority of members of the leaders list are committee leaders and those sitting on the board of the various organs of Samfunnet. These are people who devote large amounts of their time to Samfunnet, and work more than most people would believe. Many work on average 20 hours a week, which is why they deserve their title as bosses!


                           Read more about the various committees here:


The security committee is responsible for the order and safety at Samfunnet’s parties. You will meet members of Samfunnet’s largest committee by the entrance of the building and everywhere at Samfunnet’s events. Free guard- and first aid-courses are offered to all members, which will give you the opportunity to work as a security guard professionally.

Send your application to ordensvern@samfunnetiaas.no


At the bar your main work is serving partygoers drinks. Samfunnet has several beer bars and always one bar serving spirits. The bar committee is the second largest committee and has by far the most contact with people at events. Free courses about beer and wine are offered to all members, as well as a spirit course where you’ll learn how to mix good drinks.

Send your application to bar@samfunnetiaas.no



Consists of approximately 20 members, half of which is responsible for personnel, meaning they control members of the security committee and those visiting the event. The other half is responsible for the economic aspect, being in charge of exchange and cash register. Each member has three shifts as party administrators per semester.

Mail: konsernet@samfunnetiaas.no



Controls audio at concerts, shows and other events. Mail: lyd@samfunnetiaas.no


Controls lights at concerts, shows and other events.

Mail: lys@samfunnetiaas.no



Plays music on Wednesdays and Fridays, but also upon requests to bring some life to the dance floor. Do you like music? Do you like to dance? Do you accept our challenge and create some fun at Samfunnet? Well then, maybe the disco committee might be something for you?!

Mail: disco@samfunnetiaas.no



A member of the artist committee is responsible for everything regarding an artist’s stay at Samfunnet. This involves getting the artist what they need in relation to their tech rider, getting everything ready backstage before the artist arrives, and making sure that everything goes according to plan whilst the artist is at the house. The committee member at work is responsible for food, drinks and anything other the artist might require.

Mail: artist@samfunnetiaas.no



The film and photo committee is Samfunnet’s newest committee. We film and shoot concerts and make after-movies, we capture the life, the atmosphere and all the moments you’re unable to capture with your phone. The film-group is now seeking new members! If you are interested, with or without previous experience or equipment, contact us.

Mail: film@samfunnetiaas.no



The booking committee works on the processing of concerts and events at Samfunnet in Ås. Tasks involve negotiating and contracting with artists, as well as follow-up and communication with the artist prior to and after events.

Mail: booking@samfunnetiaas.no



The event committee’s task is to assist the event manager in the process of planning events, and with the practical implementation of events. They will also have to provide creative input and innovation for future semester-programs. This committee is intended to be self-recruiting. The event committee also plans quiz.

Mail: arrangement@samfunnetiaas.no



The quiz committee arranges quiz every Wednesday in CafèKlubben. The members control the quiz, creates the questions, and stands for the execution of the quiz.



A financial assistant is responsible for getting goods for the committees, find relevant and convenient purchase agreements, and is responsible and in control of Samfunnet’s committee-budget.

Mail: innkjop@samfunnetiaas.no



The accountant is responsible for accounting at Samfunnet.

Mail: regnskap@samfunnetiaas.no



Is responsible for the cash registers at Samfunnet and ensures that there is enough exchange at events.

Mail: bank@samfunnetiaas.no


If you have any questions, please contact us at okonomi@samfunnetiaas.no



Members of this committee writes, translates and publish posts for Samfunnet in Ås’ Facebook page and their own website, as well as filling the web pages with written content. The entries can be anything from articles bout why community service at Samfunnet is important, to events that has taken place or upcoming events at Samfunnet in Ås. The web committee consists of writers, translators and web editors.

Please contact us at: markedsforingsassistent@samfunnetiaas.no



Design and layout creates posters and flyers for Samfunnet, they design the semester program and they create the graphics for Samfunnet’s website. In this committee we have use for create people who can think outside the box and create images and layouts that look good! The committee consists of 4-5 people, and positions for this committee is usually announced, but are you interested in joining feel free to contact us via mail.

Mail: markedsforingsassistent@samfunnetiaas.no



As a “sprell-man” it is important to gain Samfunnet publicity and draw attention to it, as well as showing the students all the fun stuff that happens at Samfunnet! This involves working at a stand, hanging up posters and flyers and otherwise just “sprelling” around at campus prior to large events.

Mail: sprellemann@samfunnetiaas.no



Sponsor KS (Komite Sjef/head of committee) is responsible for all sponsorship at Samfunnet in Ås and is Samfunnet’s representative within the sponsor team, with Tuntreet, NU and UKA. Sponsor KS has contact with established and potential partners and is responsible for any negotiations and renegotiation of agreements with the partners. If you are interested in collaborating with Samfunnet or have any other questions regarding sponsorship work for Samfunnet,

send an email to sponsor@samfunnetiaas.no



Holds the computer knowledge at Samfunnet, and provides technical assistant anytime needed.

Mail: it@samfunnetiaas.no



The head of personnel calls people in to community service and ensures that there are enough people at work at Samfunnet’s events.

Mail: personal@samfunnetiaas.no



Samfunnet’s “handymen” work on maintaining Samfunnet and builds new structures, for example bars or shelves. Any available positions are announced if needed.

Mail: snekker@samfunnetiaas.no



These members find candidates suitable for the various positions, which are then elected at General Assembly. The members of the election committee is elected at Samfunnet’s GA every fall.

Mail: valgnemnda@samfunnetiaas.no

Food unit

Food unit:

The food unit works towards spreading joy by bringing delicious food of different sorts to Torvald and Tora during events and parties.

The komitee has a vision to create a social cooperation, where members together develop exciting and customized dishes.

food chief:

The food chief is responsible as a leader for the unit during an event, and is a part of a team that adapts the komitee´s functions, rutines and serving


If you have any questions you may contact:  servering@samfunnetiaas.no