Publisert 2. March, 2016

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Update: There is now one position available.


Dear graduate student!

As the tradition says, there will be hosted a large-scale gala dinner to mark the end of our master degrees. Therefore, the boards of Samfunnet (The Student Society) and the Student Parliament (AU) is seeking a person to lead the important work on making this year’s Graduation Party a successful event.

As a manager you work with:

  • Recruiting the rest of the committee.
  • Maintaining contact with Samfunnet, The Student Parliament (AU) and NMBU.
  • Accessing insight in previous committees work.
  • Setting up the timetable and plan meetings for the committee.
  • Following up on the work of your committee.

As manager of the Graduation Party Committee, you get:

  • Free admission to all events at Samfunnet.
  • Important experience in project management and coordination, both within the committee and externally.
  • Access to a social environment.
  • New contacts.

The boards of The Student Parliament and Samfunnet will assist in recruiting other committee members through their channels. You determine the committee size, but this has varied between 8 and 10 members.

If you want to be the manager of the Graduation Party, send your application and CV to by 21st of September. Relevant candidates will be summoned to an interview before 26th of September with an interview the following week.

If you have questions about the job or The Graduation Party in general, do not hesitate to contact one of the following:

  • Runa R. Haglund: Leader of Samfunnet: 473 47 475/
  • Mariya Khanamiryan: Leader of The Student Parliament: 942 47 290/


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