Publisert 22. September, 2016

Sondre Lerche

Sondre Lerche is a name most Norwegians between twelve and eighty know, after an already long and eventful career as an entertainer and television personality. It is hard to believe that the man barely had time to fill thirty!


Lerche is an artist difficult to categorize. Genre-wise, he can tentatively be described as a classic crooner with catchy pop songs inspired by 70’s rock, punk and electronic elements. As a concert artist Sondre can be described as an energetic and very charismatic frontman with a dense and solid band in the back. One should simply experience this man live.

Lerches previous album, Please, showed us an artist who is by no means finished exploring new musical terrain, and contained some of the freshest and most danceable tunes you’ve heard from Sondre. Rumors have it that we already later this year will have new music from Sondre Lerche. We are very much looking forward to seeing Sondre live in Festsalen at Samfunnet!

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