Publisert 13. March, 2017


Wednesday there will be a Rave Party in Festsalen! Bring out your inner Scooter and join the best ever rave party! There will mabe be a DJ in Festsalen, bleach white light, so put on some white and neon clothes and your biggest smile. Maybe you have some quick shades, or some neon tights from another world? This event will at least not be the one you want to miss! There will be free glow sticks for the first 100 people, and party games in Møterommet.

Let us put it like Scooter – ”How much is the fiiiish?!” and ”Are you readyyyy?”

This party will only be for members of Samfunnet, so if you are not a member of Samfunnet or a funksjonær, then you have a golden opportunity now!

Where: Samfunnet i Ås 
When: Wednesday 22th of March, 21.00
CC: 50,- + fee // ONLY FOR MEMBERS

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