Common questions:

Membership at Samfunnet

How do I sign up to be a member of Samfunnet? 

You sign up here ??

What benefits to I get form being a member? 

As a member of Samfunnet you get reduced prices on events arranged by Samfunnet, and also good prices on party nights. You also get a voting right at the general assembly, membership at Samfunnet in Trondheim and the veterinarians student society, and the opportunity to join a committee. 

What memberships does Samfunnet offer? 

We have four different memberships. The memberships follow the school year, meaning they start in the fall semester and runs out at the end of the spring semester. 

International membership - Free (maximum one year, needs to be registered each semester)

1 year membership - 300 kr. 

3 year membership - 600 kr.

5 year membership - 900 kr. 

Lifelong membership - 1600 kr. 

What is the membership fee used for? 

We use the membership fee for maintenance of the Samfunnet building, upgrading projects, and operating costs. The building is owned by the students and was built by students by voluntary work in 1934. 

My membership is blocked, what do I do? 

Send an e-mail to with your name and student number. It is probably caused by not showing up for your night of service at Samfunnet. 

Service at Samfunnet

What does one do on service at Samfunnet? 

The task assigned on party nights varies, and you can make requests as to what you want to do. This is an excellent opportunity to observe the different committees at Samfunnet and consider if you would like to join them either as a committee member or chief of a committee. A normal service looks like this: 

19.30 - Meet up in the Bodega, get information and tasks are assigned by the person in charge of the night. Tasks to choose from varies, but here are some: bouncer, scan student cards at the door, wardrobe, stray guard, guard emergency exits, guard the stage, bar and make sure the workers get coffee and fruit. 

Throughout the night you can always ask the people with green (in charge of bar), red (in charge of security), blue (in charge of technical equipment) or dark blue (in charge of the ening) colored shirts if you have any questions. 

20.00 - There will be served food, so no need to eat before showing up for service. 

20.30 - You will be taken where you will spend the evening working and the necessary training will be given. 

21.00 - The doors to Samfunnet opens.

01.30 (wednesdays)/02.30 (fridays) - The guests will leave Samfunnet and everyone helps clean up. At the end there will be served pizza in the Bodega, before going home. Hopefully with some new friends and a feeling of belonging to the heart of Samfunnet in Ås. 

What is a service at Samfunnet? 

A service includes you working on an event one night at Samfunnet in the spirit of voluntary work and becoming an active part of the running of the house. 

Can I choose a date for my Samfunn service?

Yes, you can. See “How to sign up for service at Samfunnet”. First come, first served, there is a limited amount of spots each night. 

What happens if I only sign up for a single night of service? 

You still might be called in for another night by the chiefs of staff if we need more people to work one evening. If you sign up for two right away, you will not be called in for more. 

I have agreed with someone to take my service, what do I do? 

Send an e-mail to with the name of the person coming to work for you. Your membership will not be blocked for not showing up for your service. 

How many services at Samfunnet will there be in each semester?

1-2 services per semester for members of Samfunnet. 

How do I sign up for service at Samfunnet?

Done through LinTicket. Sign in with your account, either by phone number or registered e-mail at and click on “Aktiviteter” (activities) on the menu at the top of the page. Here you can scroll forward in the events coming at Samfunnet by month in the upcoming semester, and sign up for the ones of your choosing. 

I can not show for my service at Samfunnet, what do I do? 

Send an e-mail to with your name and what date you have been assigned. If you have not found anyone to take your service, your membership will be blocked until you work another night of service. You are responsible for signing up for the next service at LinTicket or by sending an e-mail to with the date you want to work. 


Refunding of Cashless

There is no time limit on refunding and you can refund your cashless card at any time in the current year. Meaning that by the last event in december you must have done the refunding of the cashless card.  

Remember: the card is valid through 31.12 of the current year and a refund receipt for unused amount MUST be retrieved by the last event date!

For refunds of cards no longer valid or after last event date, the card MUST be sent in for refunding. 

Refunding of tickets

Bought tickets are nonrefundable. Any questions about refunding and/or cancelled events should be directed to Samfunnes to the chief of economics Right of withdrawal does not apply to the sale of tickets (jfr. Angrerettloven §22).

For more info about terms for the purchase of tickets view: 

Refunding for lost clothes in the wardrobe

Samfunnet in Ås pays replacements up to 1000 kr for jacket/coat gone missing from the wardrobe. Form you need to fill out for claims of refunding, contact the chief of economics


What ID can I use at Samfunnet?

The following ID’s are regarded valid at Samfunnet I Ås;

Norwegian citizens; Passport, drivers’ licence, bank-card with photo ID, ID cards from the military or Posten and mariner's document

EU/EEA Citizens; Passport, ID-card

Outside EU/EEA; Passport ONLY. Residence cards are not accepted. However, there is the possibility to get a signed copy of your passport at the police station, this will be accepted.