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Concert: Pom Poko

Pom Poko is playing in Festsalen and what's better than a hipster theme party?

Is it the world known Japanese movie we’re talking about? Is it a Pokémon we have captured? No, of course it’s the Norwegian “Urørtbandet” we’re talking about, and they’ll be in Ås just after the summer!
What a great way to start the semester! Cheers!

Since the band started up less than a year ago, it has been embraced by the music industry and they have been predicted to have a bright future. 
This summer they will be playing at Roskilde, Øya and Slottfjell, so we can safely assume that Pom Poko will be ready after this summer. 

Pom Poko’s music is very playful, unpretentious and exciting, and gives the listener an experience of cool riffs and absurd twists even Johan Cruyff would be proud of!  
The vocalist Ragnhikd Fangel sings an unprededictable punk mix. 
The bands live performances are praised both within and outside Norway, and the latest review described them as the festivals best set at the huge festival ‘The Great Escape’ in Great Brittain. 

We’re sure this is going to be a concert you wouldn’t want to miss, so make sure to be at Samfunnet in August!

Pom Poko, we choose you!!!

“What am I going to wear?” “Is there something more than a concert going on at Samfunnet?” Just relax – it’s a theme party! And what’s better than a hipsterparty at Samfunnet? #putonsomehipsterstuff#takethesocksoveryourpantsandtheflowerpatternedshirtandthestrawhat#maybeI’llbrewmyownbeerswhichI’lldrinkattheprepartysothatI’llgetwasted

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