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Sons of the night, the boys from Tåsen, yes, Klovner I Kamp is coming to Ås!

It all started in a small apartment at Bjølsen in Oslo in 1994. The inspiration was Norwegian rock, britcore and the political left side when Dr. S and Alis founded Klovner I Kamp. They have, together with Dansken og Fingern, made the legendary albums "Schwin" and "Bjølsen Hospital", and they won the Norwegian award Spellemannspris in 2002 with "Bjølsen Hospita".

Klovner I Kamp has been huge within Norwegian music. They took a break from music after their success with "Ørnen Tek Ikkje Unga", but their break ended in 2013 with several sold out concerts after encouragement from their fans. But their fight was not over, and they released "Langt å gå" and "Kjærlighetstriologien" after a short time, and they recently released the single "Hollywood".

Klovner I Kamps music has, with a big portion of nerves and charm, moved from the original political focus to more humoristic and more ‘sing a long’ songs. Who hasn’t sung their heart out to "Valsen", "Glade Dager" and "Syng" at a preparty at Pentagon, been up late at night and sung a long with "Nattens Sønner" or threatened their younger siblings with "Kaninkoker 2"?

Klovner I Kamp are living legends in Norwegian rap, and are staying relevant with their sometimes dark but impressionable and always catchy lyrics. They have toured back and forth in Norway, and with the concert some of you might remember from UKA in Ås 2014, we
promise they won’t hold anything back this time either.

Don’t let this concert pass you by, be at Studentsamfunnet in Ås 08.09 and watch Klovner I Kamp kick off the fall semester!

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