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Samfunnets General Assembly

Where: Aud Max

When: 30th of October at 17:00



Samfunnet´s General Assembly (GF) might me the springs most important event at The Student Society in Ås. Here the big decisions will be made, positions distributed and it is YOU, Torvald and Tora, that holds the power. At the General Assembly all members of Samfunnet has the right to vote, and everyone is encouraged to participate. Read more here:


Important deadlines:

Samfunnets Questions hour is held the 6th of March.

The General Assembly is held the 19th of March.

Deadline to send in casework is 7th of March.

Last deadline to hand in attachments is 12th of March.

You can send everything to or by 12th of March.


Positions up for election:

Samfunnet’s board

- President

- Head of finance

- Marketing manager


Næringslivsutvalget (business committee)

- Event manager

- Sponsor manager



- Editor


Core Board

- Student representative


The Election Committee

- 2 representatives


Show up and use your vote on the most important event of the year!