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Studentsamfunnet in Ås is run by and for students and is the cornerstone for much of the social happenings that take place in Ås. On this webpage we wish to inform new students about what Samfunnet is, what happens here, and give other useful information that can be helpful when starting school. If you were still to have questions after reading this page, do not hesitate to ask us by e-mail, send us a message on Facebook, or stop by our office during our opening hours!


Cashless is Samfunnets method of payment and must be used when buying food or drinks at Samfunnets events. Cashless assures faster execution and therefore shorter lines for the public. The payment card is included in the Cashless-service, which you buy when you arrive at Samfunnet, or beforehand on, Du can refill your card online or at Samfunnet with your desired amount. For more information about refill, refund and other, you can check out our cashless-pages.

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Samfunnet is driven by the students of NMBU, and is organized in different committees. Whether it is the lighting-committee, bar-committee, web-committee or carpenter-committee, we’re sure you’ll find something that suits you. Being a committee-member comes with numerous perks. You’ll get access to the free-entry list (which gives you free entrance on almost all events), access to the internal-party, and you’ll be part of a social environment and have lots of fun! The only conditions for you to engage yourself in a committee is that you are a student at NMBU, and that you are a member of Samfunnet. If you wish to engage yourself in a committee you can send e-mail or any other form of communication to contact a committee-manager.

For a complete list of committees, their tasks and contact information, take a look at our committee-webpage.

House of samfunnet

The House of Samfunnet is located centrally on the university campus, it’s address being Olav Moens Plass 1. The house is packed, containing three barrooms, three concert arenas, and Siås’ coffee shop, the Café Club. Also, there are several meeting rooms and multipurpose rooms that are filled daily by choirs singing, associations and other activities. The building itself is built in distinctive, functionalist style, which is given the protection status by the directorate of cultural heritage. If you wish to book a room at Samfunnet, send e-mail to To view a map and information about the different rooms, see: info about the house.

Samfunnet’s General Assembly

Each semester Samfunnet in Ås arrange a general assembly for its members. During general assembly all members of Samfunnet has the opportunity to run for election, get information about the management of Samfunnet, as well as control and influence the operation. Also, Samfunnet’s articles of association are altered at the general assembly. The general assembly is open for everyone, but only members of Samfunnet have voting rights. Everyone is encouraged to attend the general assembly, and even run for election if you wish to contribute! For more information about general assembly, see our pages about general assembly.


Linticket is Samfunnets ticket portal. All events that require tickets will be put up for sale on Samfunnets ticket page. You will also have to log onto Linticket in order to sign yourself up for Samfunns-service. It is therefore important to remember your username and password when signing up! Members of Samfunnet get either free entrance or discounted prices on all events.


There are over 80 different teams and associations at Ås, which makes Ås one of this country’s most active and exciting student environments. The associations form the basis of the social life at NMBU, and fills Samfunnet and campus with various revues, parties and other layers. Here you’ll find something for everyone, within music, religion, philosophy, politics, sports and other social associations. For a complete overview of all the associations with contact information, take a look here: association’s overview.


As a member of Samfunnet you obligate yourself in participating in one to two community services per semester. This means you’ll have to work at one of Samfunnet’s events in good spirits, thus becoming an active part of the house’s operations for this evening. The events at Samfunnet would not take place without the help and effort from the members. At community service you will be working for others that are out enjoying Samfunnet, while they will be working the next time you are out partying at Samfunnet.

If you do not attend a social service, your membership will be frozen. This means you will have to pay full price for tickets at all events in the current and next semester.

For more practical information concerning the community service system, see: membership page.  


All student communities with self-respect have a larger production of self-composed songs. In order to collect these songs, a particular songbook is published, and the Ås student’s songbook has the peculiar but well-chosen name “Stentor”. The songbook can be purchased in the Bodega and at the community office. For more information about Stentor and its history, see our history page.

UKA in Ås

UKA in Ås is Norway’s longest cultural festival and is created for the entire population of Follo. During October 2018 over 1200 students from Ås arranged concerts, revues and fun, for both young and old. UKA in Ås is possible because of the students at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences.

UKA in Ås is an old tradition going back all the way to the 1980’s, when it was set up a student-revue for the first time at College for Agriculture at Ås. UKA 2018 was the 49th in line of UKAs which has been arranged since 1924 when UKA for the first time was run. That means UKA in Ås celebrated 92 years during UKA 2018.

UKA offers activities such as UKE-revue, concerts, beer festival, themed bars put together by student associations at NMBU, debates and lectures, international day, competitions and activity-days such as children’s day, sports day, and plenty more. During UKA there are activities every day!


Samfunnet in Ås carries roots back to 1864 and is thus one of the country’s oldest communities. The house and organization has a very rich history that is well documented. This has resulted in two history books about the student environment in Ås, the first one being released at the 100th anniversary in 1964, and the second being released at the 150th anniversary in 2014. The book from the 100th anniversary can be read in its entirety on the National Library’s webpages.

Both books can be purchased during opening hours at Samfunnet’s office.


Becoming a member of Samfunnet comes with many perks! After a few events you will have restored your membership fee, and you’ll have the opportunity to engage yourself at Samfunnet.

As a member of Samfunnet you will have several benefits:

- Free entrance or membership fee at all events. The membership also applies to the Student Society of Trondheim and NMBU Veterinary College.

- The right to vote at General Assembly, which is held once per semester. Candidates are elected for board members and important decisions for Samfunnet are made.

- You’ll get the opportunity to engage yourself in various committees within Samfunnet, whether you wish to work in bar, order protection, light and sound etc. Samfunnet is driven by dedicated students and it’s a great opportunity to create new acquaintances.

- Last but not least, you will be participating in one of the country’s best student environments!

The membership follows the school year and lasts for 1, 3 or 5 years, from August to May. You obligate yourself to contribute at one to two community services per semester. This means you’ll have to work at one of Samfunnet’s events in good spirits, thus becoming an active part of the house’s operations for this evening. Read more about community service below. A membership costs 300 kroner for an entire year. You can also choose to pay 600 kroner for 3 years, or pay 900 kroner for 5 years.

Exchange students gets free membership!

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