Welcome to the general assembly spring 25th of march at 1700 in aud.max!


During General Assembly (GA) the members of the student community have the opportunity to run for election, receive information about the running and management of Samfunnet, and to control and influence the operation. The General Assembly is open for everyone, but only members of Samfunnet have voting rights. NB! The meeting will be held in Norwegian, but the documents will also be found in English.

The General Assembly will be held in Aud.Max. Remember, you need to bring a valid student-ID and be a member of Samfunnet in order to vote.


That’s great! We highly recommend that you submit a candidate presentation in advance, both in Norwegian and English. A candidate presentation amongst the case papers will help strengthen your candidacy. You will write a little about yourself and your qualifications, and feel free to include a picture of yourself so people can recognize you. If you need inspiration for how it can be done you can find past presentations amongst earlier GA papers on Samfunnet’s website. Candidate presentations must be sent to administrasjon@samfunnetiaas.no.

From here we move on to the actual assembly itself and to the stage of AudMax. When it’s your turn up on the podium you will have up to three minutes to present yourself. Prepare a short plea, the only limit being your own imagination. Thereafter there will be questions from the audience.

To run for election might seem scary, but it is a great learning experience, and if you are elected you will learn lots along the way. It is also fun to help lead the good student environment at NMBU along. Remember, no one is fully trained when they run for election!

Changes in Articles of association

The articles of association are revised, and the proposal will be presented at the GA. The old ones are not translated, but you can read the suggested new articles of association at this page.

PDF- files: