Rules at Studentsamfunnet i Ås

Revised 5/3/2015

§ 1 Access to Studentsamfunnet’s events

All events are open to the public, unless other is stated. Members of Studentsamfunnet are granted benefits, for example discount on entry, by presentating valid proof of membership.

At events with an age limit, all guests need to bring valid identification with name and photo.


§ 2 Behavior on Studentsamfunnet’s Events

The morale on the Studentsamfunnet i Ås is good and comradely, and this is how we want to maintain it. Studentsamfunnet reserves the right to expel guests who contribute negatively to this, by example

• To reside outside the party restricted area.

• To inflict bodily harm.

• Having a quarrelsome or unpleasant behavior

• That one urinates in places other than the toilet.

• That one does not respect the staff’s instructions.

• That one is too drunk, hence staggers, has difficulty with speaking, or throwing up.

• That one triggers fire alarm deliberate negligence without suspicion fire / hazard.


§ 3 Theft / vandalism

Studentsamfunnet Ås is entirely run by, for and with students on a voluntary basis. All assets are lost, affects members. Hence will:

• All cases of theft be reported to the police.

• Vandalism/destruction of windows, doors, interior or Samfunnet’s property/personal property is replaced by the party who has caused the damage. Serious cases will be reported to the police.


If you take assets (outerwear etc.) that do not belong to you from Samfunnet, you are obliged to return them.


§ 4 Drugs

All use and possession of drugs is prohibited at Studentsamfunnet i Ås. Violations will be prosecuted. Bringing alcohol to Studentsamfunnet is not allowed.


§ 5 Sanctions for violations of these rules

Staff has the authority to expel guests at our event if he violates the above points and normal manners.

Violation of these will be reported to Samfunnsstyret. Members who have violated the rules are entitled to explain themselves to Samfunnsstyret. Violations of the rules may lead to cancelation of membership and/or expulsion from the Studentsamfunnet’s events. Serious violations of the rules being prosecuted.